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JillBooks.com was created to showcase international journalist Jill Cueni-Cohen's first book: Like It Was Yesterday - A Journalist's Files Since 9/11.
Other book projects are currently in the works and will be revealed here on this website...along with my first blog and links to some of my published articles; new and old.

Ground Zero

You know where you were on 9/11, but have you told your children about how this day affected you personally?
Like It Was Yesterday - A Journalist's Files Since 9/11, launched on 9/10/2015 and was written to remind everyone, especially teens and future generations, about the way 9/11 has changed our society.  

The book begins with a personal diary and gives the reader more insight into the way most Americans reacted through their experiences of sending  sons & daughters into war, even while Americans tried to stay safe at home.

Winner of the 2015 TAZ Book Award, 
Like It Was Yesterday is available on Amazon.com and is also on sale in the gift shop of the Flight 93 Memorial in Somerset, PA. 

Like it was yesterday

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Jill Cueni-Cohen Author

A former New York City resident, Jill had family members live through 9/11, and she has always been deeply affected by the resulting stories she has covered for Pittsburgh newspapers and magazines since then. However, her first trip to the 9/11 Memorial Museum was the impetus to put together a factual history book that would tell America's story like no other. Jillbooks.com Like It Was Yesterday is now getting national attention as a valuable resource for educators.

Jill writes for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and North Hills Monthly Magazine, and the nationally-known Human Resource Executive Magazine, among others.

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